Easton 2019 USA Ghost X Evolution -8 Baseball Bat (2 5/8") YBB19GXE8

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Combine advanced materials and unmatched, explosive power with this line of Easton baseball bats. This 2019 Easton Ghost X -8 Evolution USA baseball bat has a 2 5/8-inch big barrel diameter that offers a wider sweet spot and more surface area for the ball to make contact, whether players are in the batter's box or honing their swings in the batting cages. This Easton Ghost X Evolution USA baseball bat utilizes EXACT carbon technology in the handle and the barrel for optimized performance and a better feeling for a confident grip. Its CXN EVOLUTION construction has NITROCELL foam for a lightweight feel and a more solid, high-performance connection between the handle and the barrel. Easton: Fueled by Passion. Designed to Win. 

Enjoy the advanced two-piece composite design of this 2019 Easton Ghost X Evolution USA baseball bat (YBB19GXE8). It delivers a balanced swing weight for better control when meeting a pitch in the strike zone. This USA baseball bat's SPEED CAP end cap creates a barrel that's more flexible and responsive while also enhancing the ping sound it makes on ball impact. For a final touch, this USA bat's custom LIZARD SKIN grip adds just the right amount of tack, comfort and overall feel to improve its performance.

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