4 Things You Should Know About Bat Rolling | TheBatDoc.com

4 Things You Should Know About Bat Rolling | TheBatDoc.com

Baseball bats are the primary tool in a player’s toolbox. They must be trustworthy, dependable, and flexible. In other words, they must be perfectly ready for use. Discover these four things you should know about bat rolling.

It Improves Your Bat’s Performance

Bat rolling improves your bat’s performance right out of the bag. A regular bat will need time to reach the optimum trampoline effect. Utilize the wonders of bat rolling to fortify your bat’s internal fibers and increase its flexibility.

It Decreases Your Break-In Time

You don’t need to adjust your stance, power, or style to a rigid, unused bat. Instead, you can step right up to the plate with your optimized bat in hand. With the increased rebound effect, you can manage a high-impact hit with little extra work on your part.

Not All Leagues Accept Rolled Bats

Rolled bats are an essential tool to have in your baseball arsenal, but they do come with restrictions. Some leagues don’t always accept these bats, and the ones that do have specifications they must meet. Make sure your bat complies with league regulations before bringing it to the field.

Rolling Changes Bat Life Expectancy

Bat rolling is a quick and effective way to achieve peak performance. By avoiding the months-long break-in period, you can take a bat out of the bag and onto the field without a second thought. While this is an incredibly helpful tool, bat rolling does change your bat’s life expectancy.

That’s why you should have a few on hand, so you don’t lose your optimum trampoline. If your bat begins to feel too loose or makes a dull thudding sound, you know it’s dead, and you should replace it with another bat, rolled to perfection.

After exploring these four things you should know about bat rolling, it’s time for you to try out your very own rolled bat. Learn more about our bat rolling service at The Bat Doc. If you have any questions about our bat rolling or shaving processes, reach out to us today.

Dec 6th 2021 The Bat Doc

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