4 Different Types of Bat Shaving To Know About|TheBatDoc.com

4 Different Types of Bat Shaving To Know About|TheBatDoc.com

Discover the four different types of bat shaving to know about and learn which one best fits your playing style and situation.

Moderate Shave

The first and least extensive of the bat shaving types is the moderate shave. This shave brings the bat to the halfway point; when you open the box, it’s about 50 percent broken in. The gain distance for this lowest shave setting is about 40 feet, making it the ideal shaving choice for average gameplay. If you want a leg up but still want to work for the ball, then the moderate shave is your best choice.

Standard Shave

The standard shave is one up from the moderate shave without veering into difficult terrain. This second tier of shaving offers players 50 feet of gain distance. The standard shave is best for BBCOR and USA bats that fit within regulations while opening possibilities for the hitter. This type of bat shave is best for individual use—it won’t last long if multiple players are using it as a team bat.

Aggressive Shave

A bat with an aggressive shave will arrive at your doorstep 85 percent broken in. This means the bat will be pretty “hot,” offering hitters distance gains of 50 to 60 feet. Though these performance enhancements are quite remarkable, they don’t last. The aggressive shave is best reserved for gameplay when you want to make a meaningful hit, not when perfecting your swing at batting practice.

Extreme Shave

The extreme shave is all about incredible hits with minimal effort. If you want maximum performance with gains over 60 feet, the extreme shave is your setting. This type of bat shaving suits a home run derby where players hit the hardest and try to get the best home run. Since this bat won’t last long, it’s not optimal for regular play or game usage.

Explore these four different types of bat shaving to know about before selecting your shave level. If you have further questions about bat shaving and the details of the process, reach out to our team of experts at The Bat Doc today. Our premier bat shaving service offers you precise shaves to each of these four levels.

Nov 18th 2021 The Bat Doc

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